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Comotech Corporation was founded in 1999 to bring out better future by research and development in wireless communication environment with the spirit of endless challenge.

Comotech produces the world best point-to-point ultra broad-bandwidth wireless link with 1.25Gbps, 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps datarate using millimeter-wave 60GHz or 70/80GHz frequency bands, as well as high performance components above from 18GHz K-band to 110GHz W-band. AirLightTM radio link system for point-to-point ultra wideband link has two different kinds of main models of 60GHz and 70/80GHz bands. ME1G is for Gigabit radiolink in 60GHz band and NTE1G is for Gigabit radiolink in 70/80GHz band. According to the oxygen absorption of all radio links, those two different bands have somewhat different propagation characteristic, thus the range of 70/80GHz system is longer than 60GHz system.

The whole systems are manufactured by our high qualified assembly process by using Comotech’s facilities even mechanical processing under strictly controlled QA.
These production infrastructures enable to Comotech to get the competitive price in the world. We’re confident that AirLightTM system is the only cost-effective solutions worldwide for point-to-point wireless link applications. With the fast growing high capacity data request, wireless communication has become one of key success factors of today's business environments.

The most efficient wireless network in terms of quality & cost has been deliberated & developed in lots of countries for the last decade. We proudly introduce AirLightTM series to satisfy the multiple demands from various business environment. We are also dedicated in continuous development of new technology and offering the best quality and services to customers. We are reaching out to the world to extend the benefit of our technology.

Each and every members of Comotech promises to be a leader in the coming Next Generation Information Communication Society.
Thank you very much.
Sincere regards,